Tuesday, 9 October 2012

Thank you, the reader

I decided to take Monday off from writing a blog entry since it was a holiday and all, and I hope all my fellow Canadians had a good time with their friends and family this past Thanksgiving weekend. Speaking of friends and family, I've decided to dedicate this post to you, the readers, my new friends and family. I hit 5,000 views this weekend and I'd like to use today's post as a very special thank you card to all of my loyal readers. Now 5,000 views may not seem like a lot to some people, myself included, considering the amount of people in the world, not to mention the numerous websites that get millions of hits a day, for me though this is a huge milestone. 

Back when I first started this blog in April after being inspired by my friend Jon, it was merely a new creative outlet for me. I honestly didn't expect more than perhaps 10-20 of my closest friends to actually read my blog, numbers that would of suited me just fine. I started the blog back in April with a modest amount of readers, and each month the activity seemed to get a little busier. In fact last month alone I had 1,500 views which is a huge chunk of my overall stats, and I've climbed from an average 10-20 readers a day to an average of 40-50 readers a day. It is quite clear and apparent that each month is better than the month before.

As time went on I was noticing through the stats on my blog's website, that my audience was stretching wider and further across the globe, which surprised me greatly. The bulk of my readers are from Canada, and I was shocked to see quite a few followers in the good old U.S. of A. as well. The thing that really hit me hard was seeing how many readers I had obtained from other parts of the world, places as far as Russia, Brazil, France, Germany, Italy, The U.K., Mexico, Australia, Poland....the list goes on and on. I don't know quite who these readers are or how I obtained them, but I feel connected to each and every one of them through this story I've been unfolding, which is the most rewarding part at all.

When I first started writing this blog I really had no clue what I was even going to write about, I just kind of went with the flow. The tale that is being weaved has been nothing short of exhilarating to say the least for me, as I've unlocked countless memories and remembered a lot of great and formidable events that helped shape my life and make me the man that I am today. Considering its mainly been musically related honestly makes me feel like you are just getting the tip of the iceberg that is my life, there are so many other wondrous stories I could tell you but they wouldn't really be relevant to this one. 

Another extremely satisfying factor for  me that I've experienced through this journey is the feedback. I really love that a lot of readers have told me they relate to the story. Perhaps because they were the same age, or grew up in a similar environment, or their own childhood memories were restored by reading mine, or they are close friends of mine and are excited to relive a story that they were a major character in. Whatever your reason for reading may be, it's yours and I truly appreciate it. I also appreciate all the kind people who have told me how good of a writer I am. I never considered myself a writer by any means, with the exception of all the lyrics I've written over the course of my days on this earth. Truth be known, I always did love creative writing in school and I guess it's paying off for me now.

Now that this blog is slowly growing into a monster, like any proud father, I wish to see it continue to grow and flourish. So now I humbly ask you, my readers, my friends, my new family, for your continued support in my endeavour. I am assigning a non mandatory homework assignment, that is to help spread the word for me. If you have a friend who loves music, loves art, loves wrestling, or just loves to read, please recommend this blog to them. If you have your own blog or website I'd appreciate any form of mention, a blurb, a link, whatever you can manage. This blog has already super ceded my expectations, so why not see how much further we can take it together in a joint effort. 

Once again my sincerest thanks go out to each and every single one of you for making this an incredible experience for me, and its just the beginning...

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